What is Baztille?

Baztille is a citizens' movement reinventing democracy.

With Baztille, you make a decision every week for your country, your region or your city.

Then the Baztille elected officials apply YOUR decisions. Don't let anyone else decide for you: take back the power!

What are the 3 golden rules of the movement?

1. All decisions concerning Baztille are made by all members (including you!) using a vote on the Baztille website or mobile application. There is 1 vote per week.

2. I would change to: Decisions can be about anything, including the internal organization of Baztille itself.

3. Baztille elected officials cannot make any decision that contradicts a decision voted on by the members.

Is it a political party?

Yes: Baztille presents candidates for elections like any other party.

Why is Baztille different from other political parties?

Baztille has no ideology, is easy to access and you can join Baztille in seconds whatever your ideas.

Baztille elected officials are only there to relay YOUR decisions, which you express using the Baztille site and mobile application.

What are you defending? What are your ideas?

All the positions defended by Baztille are solutions that you propose, debate and vote with the other members of the movement.

These positions may change over time, depending on member votes.

Are you Left Wing or Right Wing?

Baztille brings together citizens of all opinions. Sometimes the vote will lean to the right, sometimes to the left.

If you think that the outcomes are not sufficiently representing your ideas, we encourage you to recruit like-minded new members who will join you in discussions of those ideas.

What forces Baztille elected officials to respect your votes?

The elected representatives of the Baztille movement have only one commitment: to respect all the decisions taken by the members of the movement. Having only one commitment, it is much more delicate for them not to respect it than the other elected officials.

Baztille also encourages its members to choose as candidates members according to the skills they will need in their functions, and to avoid choosing candidates with too marked political positions. Thus, Baztille elected officials can be effective and apply any decision.

In practice, your Baztille elected officials must not vote or influence a decision that goes against a position taken by the members. Baztille elected officials, on the other hand, retain the possibility of choosing the order in which to address the subjects.

Baztille elected officials are evaluated by members of the movement on the basis of respect for the decisions that have been made. If the members of the movement believe that an elected Baztille does not respect his promise, he is dismissed and cannot be re-elected as a Baztille candidate.

In conclusion, even if there will probably be failures with some elected officials, we are convinced that YOU will choose efficient and loyal candidates who will respect their unique promise in almost all cases.

Why only one vote per week?

Just one vote per week is enough for you to give your opinion on the most important issues affecting your city, your region and your country.

We want as many citizens as possible to participate in each vote: the frequency of votes ensures that no one feels overwhelmed.

I don't have time to devote to Baztille

Baztille was designed to make it possible to see a summary of arguments for or against a single position, and make a simple choice.

So even if you only have a few minutes each week, you can fully participate in the movement and get your ideas heard.

Who leads Baztille?

Baztille has local and national representatives who are all elected directly by the members, during a vote with the application.

Representatives organize the movement locally and nationally in order to grow the movement and elect its candidates.

Baztille representatives cannot use their position to defend or promote their personal opinions: like elected officials, they defend the decisions of the movement.

What if YOU became one of the leaders of Baztille?

Who is behind Baztille?

Baztille was imagined and created by Grégory Isabelli, who comes from the world of entrepreneurship and technology.

The founder and developers have never held elected offices, and have not had many political commitments. We believe that traditional political parties are no longer ideal for these times.

In each country, Baztille exists legally as an association or political party.

Obviously, Baztille is not affiliated with any other political organization and any company.

Development & concept
Grégory Isabelli

Artistic Direction
Thomas Boureau

Previous Baztille application: technical direction
Thibaut Villemont

Who are the Baztille candidates?

The candidates are designated when the time comes by a vote of the citizens concerned in each territory, always using the application.

What do I need to participate in Baztille?

1. A smartphone running iOS (Apple) or Android.

2. Few minutes a week

Where can I access the application?

The Baztille application will be available in 2024.

Click here to make sure you do not miss the launch

Who proposes the topics submitted to the vote?

Anyone can submit a topic.

All members can then vote for the topics that interest them the most.

Each week, the topic that has interested the most members is put to the vote.

Can I vote for several proposals on a given subject?

If several proposals suit you, you can perfectly vote for several of them. It is even recommended!

What is a community validated proposal?

After a vote, the proposal that has won the most votes is validated by the community and becomes an official position of the movement.

Attention, in case of contradiction between two proposals, it is always the most precise or, failing that, the most recent which takes priority.

Why are propositions and arguments limited in size?

Some of you have little time to devote to Baztille, and yet we want everyone to take part in the decisions.

This is why you must go to the essentials and the size of the contributions is limited (number of characters).

Don't forget that if you want to argue you can propose as many arguments and sub-arguments as you want!

Is the Baztille service open source?

We consider it essential that the service be available in open-source.

The source code will be made public once the service has proven to work well.

Can you rig our votes?


Everyone can check which members have voted, and can therefore verify that their vote has been taken into account. Baztille also incorporates a balanced system between voting anonymity and the possibility of allowing everyone to check that there are no "fake voters".

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